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July 02, 2019

7 Creative Ways to Use IGTV to Grow Your Business

If your company hasn’t dialed in to IGTV yet, you’re missing a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness, attract more followers and grow your business. In case you’re not familiar with it, IGTV isn’t some big, fancy new television network, but it is a great way to network with your followers.

IGTV stands for Instagram TV, and it’s an...

Paula Felps

Social Media

June 18, 2019

Influencer Marketing: How to Work With Social Media Influencers in 2019

As social media has become a necessary tool for communication — both in our personal lives and in the business world — it has created entirely new ways to reach customers and initiate conversations that weren’t possible two decades ago. One effective way to take advantage of the new marketing channels created through platforms like Facebook,...

Paula Felps

Social Media

March 28, 2019

How to Create a B2B Social Media Strategy in 9 Easy Steps

Many B2B companies tend to focus on traditional methods of bringing in customers through paid advertising, trade shows and cold calling. But the fact is, like B2C companies, they should also be investing heavily in organic methods for attracting customers, like SEO and social media.

While B2B social media won’t operate exactly like B2C social...

Kylie Ora Lobell

Social Media

February 26, 2019

The Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2019

In 2019, social media is a vital marketing tool for business owners. It can help them achieve a number of goals like growing their audiences, increasing brand awareness, connecting to customers and ultimately bringing in more sales.

Just check out some of these social media stats:

Geno Medina

Social Media

February 14, 2019

5 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

Since the first social media site was launched in 1997, social media platforms have become a staple of modern life.

Need proof? Statista estimates that 2.77 billion people worldwide will log onto social media platforms in 2019. Plus, 30% of all time spent online goes toward social media interactions. As more people around the world become...

Geno Medina

Social Media

November 15, 2018

How to Find the Right Social Media Marketing Company

Social media marketing is crucial for B2C and B2B companies today. It doesn’t matter what industry they are in, because they can find their unique audiences out there on at least one of the many platforms available. 

According to WordStream, 22 percent of the total global population uses Facebook, there are more than 530 million users on...

Kylie Ora Lobell

Social Media, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

August 21, 2018

LinkedIn Lead Gen: 6 Things You Need to Know

As the most outwardly professional of all the social networks, LinkedIn is a great platform for lead generation, particularly for any marketer operating in the B2B world and/or offering something of interest to a professional audience. But like any platform, it won’t produce results unless you approach it in the right way — you need to know...

Kayleigh Alexandra

Social Media, Sales Strategy

August 15, 2018

5 Things to Include in Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

With social media being one of the most effective ways to grow a brand in 2018, influencer marketing has logically been on the rise. In fact, according to Tapinfluence, influencer marketing delivers 11 times as much ROI as traditional forms of digital marketing.

If you haven’t included it in your marketing strategy, you might be missing out on...

Iryna Iurchenko

Social Media, Inbound Marketing

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