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March 03, 2016

Print Is Dead? Don't Tell These Top Digital Brands

We've all witnessed the mass exodus from print to online content. Perhaps you've read one of the many articles forecasting doom for print media, such as this HuffPost piece, which declares that "traditional media may be on its way out." Yikes.

So, in this harsh climate, why would giant web-based brands like Airbnb, Net-A-Porter and Uber choose...

Ariel Bailey


April 15, 2013

Print Dominates Content Marketing Spend, For Now

Print remains king when it comes to content, according to a new survey from the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, called “Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Content Marketing in America for 2013.”

Mario Medina

Content Marketing, Print

January 22, 2013

The Real Cost of Handling Print Jobs Internally

When it comes to pricing a print project, the “hard” costs — like printing and distribution — are easy to compute. The “soft” costs, on the other hand — those factors such as print design, editorial direction, etc. — are tougher to put a price tag on, especially if the work is done internally.

Mario Medina


January 10, 2013

Should Print Be Part of Your Content Marketing Program?

Sit down and look around on any commuter train, and you’re certain to see a sea of screens — iPads and Kindles and cell phones occupying the attention of their owners. A decade ago, the scene would’ve included newspapers, books and magazines, leading many to proclaim that print is dead.

Mario Medina

Content Marketing, Print

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