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July 21, 2016

How to Get the Most from Your Designer

Maximizing communication with your graphic designer is the key to getting outstanding results. From kicking off a project with clear parameters to providing concise feedback, the way in which you communicate with your creative specialist will have a big impact on the outcome. Here, then, are five ways to make sure you get the most from your...

Whitney Holden


March 07, 2016

Understanding Color Theory [Infographic]

Color theory isn’t just for painters and interior designers. It’s for anyone who wants to use the psychology of color to invoke specific emotions — that means you, marketers, business owners and brand leaders!

Understanding the meaning of individual colors and mixing them the right way in your product’s branding can make all the difference in...

Whitney Holden


February 18, 2016

Visual Hierarchy in Graphic Design: Helping Readers Digest Content

While you may not consciously think much about visual hierarchy in graphic design, it's actually a critically important part of your company's content. Visual hierarchy is all about arranging and prioritizing elements in a way that creates order and communicates a coherent message. Without it, everything is as important as everything else —...

Whitney Holden


February 15, 2016

Why You Need a Brand Standards Document

Imagine that you’re sitting down to watch the Big Game. As players file onto the field, you realize that their uniforms aren’t uniform. While some players stuck close to their team’s color palette, nobody is wearing exactly the same colors. Some diverged from team colors completely because they felt their color choice “looked better.” Numbers...

Whitney Holden


February 08, 2016

The Best Google Web Fonts: A Designer’s Perspective

Over the past few years, Google Fonts has grown and evolved into one of the top sources for typefaces. It’s free, it’s easy — and it’s loaded with fonts of mediocre quality. (We’re designers we’re allowed to judge.) That said, it’s popular for a reason, and there are some really nice options available.

Ben Carpenter

Websites, Design

February 01, 2016

How to Maximize Lead Conversion with CTA Design

If you've devoted any time to landing page design or paid any attention to your website's lead conversion rates, you know exactly how critical your call-to-action (CTA) buttons are. Every aspect of their appearance and placement can impact conversion rates. By optimizing your CTA button design, you can significantly improve lead conversion....

Kristin Masters

Design, Inbound Marketing

January 28, 2016

5 Tips for Effective Customer- Focused Marketing Design

You like the design — but do your customers? Art and design are subjective, but it's still possible to analyze them objectively. Even if you think the design for your company's marketing initiatives looks great, take a moment to check if it’s on target. Is this something that will look great to your customers? Here are five things to consider.

Laura Kajpust


January 14, 2016

What Is Good Design? It’s ...

“Good design is as little design as possible.”

When Dieter Rams, the famed German industrial designer, listed his ten principles for good design, he saved this one for last. It’s the principle that best sums up his design philosophy of “weniger, aber besser,” or “less, but better.” Rams’ first nine principles of good design inform our...

Ben Carpenter


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