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August 11, 2016

8 Content Marketing Conferences You Can't Miss

Content marketing has certainly been "on trend" lately — and it shows no signs of slowing down as the year progresses. If you're like us, you may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless stream of conferences and "unmissable" events. It would be easy to spend more time doing professional development at conferences than putting your news skills...

Ariel Bailey

Content Marketing

March 17, 2016

Four Content Marketing Lessons from Unconventional Storytellers

What's your story?

Trickier still, what's your company's story?

In the world of marketing, the ability to tell a compelling story is everything. Indeed, a knack for storytelling has again and again proven the hallmark of stellar content marketing campaigns. 

Looking for a little inspiration for creative ways to tell a story – your brand's...

Kristin Masters

Content Marketing

February 29, 2016

How to Use Instagram for Inbound Marketing

If you use social media as an inbound marketing tool for your business, chances are you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (And if you don’t have one on those three, you probably should.) But there is one you platform might be missing out on. One that has a whopping 300 million monthly users.

Jamie Friedlander

Social Media, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

February 04, 2016

Four Content Marketing Lessons from Innovative Catalogues

The mail order catalogue perhaps represents the earliest form of content marketing. Following its debut in the United States more than 250 years ago, the catalogue remained largely unchanged through most of its history. The dawn of the Internet could have been the death knell for the catalogue, yet plenty of companies still embrace the form as...

Kristin Masters

Content Marketing

January 25, 2016

Five Ways to Repurpose Content for Maximum Marketing ROI

When's the last time you sat down to write a blog post...only to helplessly stare at your screen? We've all been there, paralyzed with writer's block. After all, it's tough to keep coming up with brilliant new ideas, week after week! But the best content marketers don't actually come up with new ideas each week. Instead, they frequently...

Kristin Masters

Content Marketing

November 19, 2015

The 10 Best Content Marketing Blogs of 2015

As a content marketing pro, you're well versed in blogging. But how much time do you actually spend reading blogs instead of writing them? If you're searching for sources of inspiration and insight, then look no further. We've got quite a reading list for you!

Kristin Masters

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

November 05, 2015

4 Stellar Examples of Holiday Content Marketing

There are times when being topical can backfire (Build-a-Bear attracted criticism for posting “the most shameless tweet” on the anniversary of 9/11) but the holidays offer real opportunity to connect with consumers. Here are four brands doing a stellar job of delivering timely and relevant holiday content marketing.

Mario Medina

Content Marketing

October 08, 2015

How to Shoot Videos Like a Pro

What if a single content marketing medium could increase your email click-through rates by 65% and keep people on your website about two minutes longer? And what if 75% of business executives consumed content in that medium at least weekly, while over half the whole population consumed it daily? (Source: HubSpot)

That miracle medium is video....

Kristin Masters

Content Marketing, Video

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