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Wendy Angel

Wendy Angel
Wendy is a creative specialist with madison/miles media and has done a little bit of everything communications-related during her career: marketing, public relations, and writing and editing for magazines. She recently relocated to the DFW area from Atlanta with her husband and enjoys riding her horse Oliver, whose head is entirely too big for his body.
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January 07, 2016

Repurposing Content to Create an Awesome Editorial Calendar

We talk a lot about content marketing and why it’s important — most marketers understand that. But some organizations struggle when it comes time to generate the needed content (and there's a heckuva lot that's needed!).

Creating an editorial calendar and filling it with content can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be that way!...

Wendy Angel

Inbound Marketing

December 10, 2015

How to Choose Keywords For Your Website

You have a lovely website showcasing your expertise and products or services. You spent a lot of time and resources, and the result is fantastic: a shiny, newly designed site with loads of information, ready to show potential customers what you can do. Awesome.

But no one is actually finding the website. Not awesome. What went wrong?


Wendy Angel

Websites, Inbound Marketing, SEO

October 12, 2015

How to Write Amazing White Papers

I’m dreaming of a white paper

Just like the ones I used to know

Where the words all glisten

And audiences listen

To hear what they need to know


Did that put you in a holiday mood? No? OK, OK. It’s only October. It’s not even Halloween yet; I get it. But regardless of your feelings on holiday season creep, keep reading for some white paper...

Wendy Angel

Writing and Editing, Inbound Marketing

August 27, 2015

How to Keep Your Website Fresh

Remember the last time you opened a bag of chips and they were stale? You certainly didn’t keep eating them (OK, if you’re me, maybe you ate a few. A handful at most, because hey, they’re right there. OK, probably not the whole bag. But the point is, you didn’t enjoy them). Well your website can be the same way. To truly engage them, don’t...

Wendy Angel


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