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Megan Malone

Megan Malone
Megan is a Marketing Manager at madison/miles media. When she's not putting out fires for clients, she enjoys writing, traveling, going to the movies and hanging out with her fiancé and two pups.

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November 06, 2018

Breaking Down the Different Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

If your company is looking for a digital marketing agency, there are a plethora of options at your fingertips. A quick Google search of “digital marketing agency near me” will bring up a map full of red pins around your area and an endless amount of search result pages.

With so many marketing agencies, how do you know which one is best for your...

Megan Malone

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Sales and Marketing Alignment

September 11, 2018

The Future of Inbound: What We Learned at #INBOUND18

Each year, thousands of people who are passionate about marketing, selling and delighting customers come together for one of the largest inbound marketing events of the year — INBOUND. 

Like many exceptional things,...

Megan Malone

Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

August 23, 2018

How to Create Buyer Personas (With Real-Life Examples)

You know your business and services inside and out. You can speak passionately about the intricate details of your latest product or the advanced logistics behind your business model. You’ve scoped out the competition and understand the benefits that make your company stand out. But how well do you know your audience?

As a business owner or...

Megan Malone

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing

April 23, 2015

The History of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new term in today’s landscape. However, according to the Content Marketing Institute, it’s actually been around for over 6,000 years.

Megan Malone

Content Marketing

April 20, 2015

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for Your Company?

Sometimes it feels like every time a bell rings, a social media platform gets its wings. It can be exhausting keeping up with them all and trying to figure out where your business belongs. For the answer to that, ask yourself what your goal is, who you want to reach and where those people are virtually hanging out. Here’s a quick primer on six...

Megan Malone

Social Media

April 16, 2015

4 Ways to Get Past Writer's Block

If you want to be a great content marketer, you have to deliver a lot of great content. But sometimes staring at a blank Word document can make you feel like a nervous high schooler about to take the timed essay on the SAT test. Here are a few tips to help you escape the writer's block rut.

Megan Malone

Writing and Editing

February 04, 2014

How Google Won the Super Bowl

For the past few years, SEO has meant a battle between brands and publications trying to score enough points to put themselves at the top of search results. Ultimately though, no matter how smart a brand is, few have proven to outsmart Google.

Megan Malone


January 28, 2014

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

You can have a great blog that no one reads, a high-quality product that no one buys and a terrific brand that absolutely no one cares about. This is because people don’t care how great what you’re offering is; they care about what makes you different from the competition and how you will best meet their specific needs.

Megan Malone

Content Marketing

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