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Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson is a writer whose first paid gig was a story published in a Dennis the Menace comic book at age 11. Since then, she’s expanded her craft to include feature articles, blog posts and speeches, as well as writing copy for newsletters, annual reports, social media and media releases. She lives in Dallas with her teenager, sweet old dog and three surviving fish.

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September 12, 2016

10 Content Ideas for Your Medical Practice’s Facebook Page

Once you have made the effort to create a Facebook page for your medical practice, the next challenge is regularly posting engaging information for the page’s fans. Keep the following list handy for quick and easy post ideas.

Laura Johnson

Social Media, Health Care

June 13, 2016

Why Yelp Matters to Health Care Professionals

Have you checked out your reviews on Yelp?

That’s right. The same site that allows individuals to post reviews of restaurants and beauty salons allows them to also post reviews of physicians.

Yes, we wonder if people truly can accurately evaluate the true quality of the medical services that they receive. But, like it or not, patients are...

Laura Johnson

Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Health Care

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