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December 10, 2015

How to Choose Keywords For Your Website

You have a lovely website showcasing your expertise and products or services. You spent a lot of time and resources, and the result is fantastic: a shiny, newly designed site with loads of information, ready to show potential customers what you can do. Awesome.

But no one is actually finding the website. Not awesome. What went wrong?


Wendy Angel

Websites, Inbound Marketing, SEO

October 29, 2015

How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Engagement

Your site has plenty of data from Google Analytics. You know your way around the numbers. But how do you translate this knowledge into action, and make your site perform better? Here's a helpful primer on using this powerful data to increase visitor engagement.

Laura Kajpust

Websites, SEO

August 31, 2015

Google Analytics Basics: What Every Marketer Must Know

You installed your Google Analytics tracking code, but ... now what? Never fear if the dashboard appears intimidating: It's easier to understand than it looks. Let's go over the basics of Google Analytics and get you on the right track for success.

Laura Kajpust


August 27, 2015

How to Keep Your Website Fresh

Remember the last time you opened a bag of chips and they were stale? You certainly didn’t keep eating them (OK, if you’re me, maybe you ate a few. A handful at most, because hey, they’re right there. OK, probably not the whole bag. But the point is, you didn’t enjoy them). Well your website can be the same way. To truly engage them, don’t...

Wendy Angel


August 06, 2015

Does Your Website Pass the Usability Test?

Did you know that visitors to your website assess its usability in just a few moments? In fact, the Website Standards Association reports that visitors judge whether to stay or leave a website in just 10 seconds. 

Usability is arguably the largest factor in making visitors commit to a webpage — and, therefore, it's a huge factor in generating...

Ariel Bailey


August 03, 2015

7 Top Tips for Building a Killer Landing Page

Enticing website visitors to come, sit, stay awhile, and possibly spend money requires you to be a darn good host — which, in turn, means you must guide guests through the "party" instead of just letting them wander aimlessly.

Kendall Clay Louis


July 30, 2015

Which Content Marketing Metrics Really Matter?

When it comes to content marketing, metrics matter — at least they should. But according to a recent survey published by the American Marketing Association of America (AMA), many marketers rarely pay attention to analytics.

In fact, although spending on analytics comprises about 6.4% of the average marketer's budget — a figure that's expected...

Kristin Masters

Websites, Content Marketing

July 09, 2015

Why You Need a Link-Building Strategy

No man is an island — and neither is your website. In fact, making meaningful online connections with your industry's key players has an immensely positive impact on your site's visibility — not to mention that it's good for building long-term relationships.

Kristin Masters


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