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February 27, 2017

How to Create an Incredible First Impression with Your Website

Consumers decide whether to click "back" after seeing your website in seconds. In fact, according to Google's own research, we can make up our minds about a design within 50 milliseconds — and even as quick as 17 ms. Talk about fast!

Knowing this, it's crucial to put your business in the best possible light and encourage them to stay. Nail the...

Laura Kajpust

Websites, Design

February 09, 2017

Should Your Business Switch to HubSpot's CMS?

You probably know about the WordPress content management system (CMS). After all, millions of websites are on it. But did you know that HubSpot also offers a CMS? (They actually call it a "content optimization system" or COS, but it's essentially the same thing.) And it just might be a great choice if you're looking to take your marketing...

Laura Kajpust


July 28, 2016

Cross-Browser Compatibility: What it Means for Your Business

The idea behind cross-browser compatibility is simple: ensure your website looks the same across all browsers. Seems common sense to be a desired outcome, right? Still, instead of tossing the phrase around when it comes debugging time, it's important to understand the full meaning behind it.

Why are they different? What do these differences...

Laura Kajpust

Websites, Design

June 06, 2016

The Biggest Website Mistake — and 4 Ways to Avoid it

Creating a website is a huge undertaking. From designers and developers to marketing strategists, you’re going to have a ton of people involved in the process. Depending on the size of the project, it can run three to six months and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

This investment makes sense: Your website is the hub of your digital presence,...

JJ Lonsdale


April 28, 2016

The Complete Website Launch Checklist

After the long process of writing copy, designing, and developing, is it time to finally launch your new website? When is the "right" time? What do you need to double-check?

It's easy to get overwhelmed; after, all, there's a ton to do! Having an organized list helps a lot. Run through each step of this website launch checklist to ensure you've...

Laura Kajpust


February 08, 2016

The Best Google Web Fonts: A Designer's Perspective

Over the past few years, Google Fonts has grown and evolved into one of the top sources for typefaces. It’s free, it’s easy — and it’s loaded with fonts of mediocre quality. (We’re designers we’re allowed to judge.) That said, it’s popular for a reason, and there are some really nice options available.

Ben Carpenter

Websites, Design

December 17, 2015

7 Secrets to Collaborating with Developers

Developers: They sometimes dress funny and often use words like "algorithm," "cascading style sheets" and "meta tags." If your company is about to launch an app or revamp your website, you may worry about communicating with people who speak a different language. But with these seven tips, your team and your developers can avoid frustration,...

Laura Kajpust

Websites, Design

December 10, 2015

How to Choose Keywords For Your Website

You have a lovely website showcasing your expertise and products or services. You spent a lot of time and resources, and the result is fantastic: a shiny, newly designed site with loads of information, ready to show potential customers what you can do. Awesome.

But no one is actually finding the website. Not awesome. What went wrong?


Wendy Angel

Websites, Inbound Marketing, SEO

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