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Mario Medina

Mario Medina
Mario is the Creative Director of madison/miles media. He has a wife, two kids, a dog, a fish (but it might be dead — hard to tell) and an unhealthy obsession with Batman.
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April 13, 2015

The Tricks and Tools of Great Visual Storytelling

What’s better than an attention-grabbling headline? An attention-grabbing headline coupled with powerful imagery.

Mario Medina

Writing and Editing, Design

April 09, 2015

Using Social Media Conversations to Determine Your Customers' Problems

Identifying pain points is the jumping off point for conversation. When you pay attention to what customers are saying, you're able to better understand how your products and services help — and by extenstion, you're able to provide engaging content that informs readers and solves their problems.

Mario Medina

Social Media

April 06, 2015

What the Rise of Long-Form Content Means to You

Media companies and content marketers alike are turning to long-form content to capture readers’ attention.

The reason? They’ve found that Google favors lengthier stories, and that measuring the amount of time readers spend on a page is a better indicator of audience engagement than counting clicks per page.

Mario Medina

Writing and Editing

March 19, 2015

Is There Too Much “You” in Your Content Marketing?

Does your content reek of sales pitch?

As we’ve discussed before, when customers get a whiff of content that's all about you, they run in the other direction. In fact, Forbes columnist Christine Comaford calls “content that’s too branded” the No. 1 mistake marketers make. Content should be natural, objective and unbiased, and provide value to...

Mario Medina

Content Marketing

January 12, 2015

How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Software

Maybe you’re a David in an industry of Goliath competitors, searching for your metaphorical slingshot.

Small businesses and startups often have to “fake it until they make it” — marketing automation allows them to do just that. These solutions help independent companies operate like larger enterprises by getting specific messaging in front of...

Mario Medina

Inbound Marketing

January 05, 2015

Stale Content? What to Do When It’s Time to Shake Things Up

Being “on brand” all the time can actually be a bad thing. It’s the equivalent of a wallflower who stays in her comfort zone, never branching out to new social groups. Innovative marketers know how to produce content that balances creativity and commerce by embracing failure, pushing limits and continuously testing new possibilities. Marketers...

Mario Medina

Content Marketing

December 15, 2014

4 Ways to Get Content from Your Colleagues

Your coworker is a subject matter expert (SME) with valuable insight on your company’s latest white paper topic, yet the outside writer you hired has been trying to track her down for weeks, to no avail. She insists she doesn’t have time for the 20-minute interview. How can you make content creation appealing to team members who are more...

Mario Medina

Content Marketing

December 09, 2014

4 Ways to Get Content From Your Events

Companies and associations that produce annual meetings, conferences and other events are sitting on a treasure trove of highly shareable content. They can mine events for content to promote overall brand awareness and drum up interest in next year’s event. The key is defining customers’ pain points — what problem are they hoping to solve? —...

Mario Medina

Content Marketing

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